Happy employees means a happy office and happy customers, and, let’s not forget, a happy bottom line. However, happiness trickles down from the top. Here are 6 things you as the boss can do to keep everyone motivated, fired up and cheerful.


Respecting your people—and their decisions-—will clearly demonstrate to them that you consider them to be valuable and important. Not only will this give employees an immediate boost in confidence, it will also give them a personal reason to value the organization and its success.


Trust your team to do the jobs they are supposed to do. Don’t second-guess or undercut them. Instead, support and give them the freedom they need to get their work done in a timely matter.

Be captain and coach

Outline a vision for your company that inspires people to join with you to achieve it. Once that vision has been communicated, help employees understand how they fit into it, and what they need to do to help make it happen.

Provide constructive criticism

Offering regular feedback on work quality is a great way to keep employees happy, motivated, and on track. Instead of overlooking mistakes, point them out as soon as they occur so that employees can learn from them.

Be time flexible

When necessary, try to be flexible and roll with your employees’ schedules. If an employee needs time for a personal reason, and is willing to work later, then try to make it happen.

Show your appreciation

Go beyond the ‘Thank Yous’ and do something on a regular basis to show your people that you personally appreciate the work they do. Do fun, relaxing, casual stuff—order lunch once a month, or hold an impromptu miniature golf tournament in the office.

Source: Peter Economy | You As Chief Happiness Officer in Six Simple Steps | March 19, 2014 | Inc.com

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