On August 19, 2005, two powerful tornadoes touched down just west of Toronto, causing major flooding in the city. That same year hurricanes caused major inundations in the U.S., most notably in New Orleans. When the water receded mold began to grow. Called the “new asbestos” in the environmental cleanup business, it is trickier than asbestos because of the ease in which it can grow back once removed.

This article provides readers with a backgrounder on what mold is and how it can affect the health of workers. Health effects range from coughs and runny noses to internal bleeding and cancer. The author also provides an overview of the search for mold in the Toronto area and the adverse effects it had on groups of Canadian workers. It also provides readers with insights into how mold should be cleaned up.

Source: Jennifer Holloway, OH & S Canada, Jan/Feb, 2006

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