In this short article the director of Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory at Cornell University was asked to pick three of the best keyboards for aching wrists. The results were:

  • Goldtouch Go! — Light weight and ideal for mobile users, this keyboard is divided into two angled halves that naturally straighten the hands and wrists. (Cost: $139).
  • Kensington Comfort Type Slim Keyboard – Looks like a traditional keyboard but the keys are angled toward the center, allowing for a straighter and more relaxed wrist posture. (Cost: $20).
  • Jasper Freeboard – A good choice for those who use their mouse as much as they type, the Freeboard has a built-in mousepad which prevents overextension and straining and has a snap-on attachment for the left-handed. (Cost: $149).

Source: Shivani Vora, Inc. (New York); Oct, 2009

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