According to this article there’s simply no getting away from cubicles. They give their occupant everything they need to do their job in a cost-effective manner – business owners can fit more people into a smaller area – and can easily be configured to suit changing office needs.

The good news, the author notes, is that they’re becoming much more “user-friendly.” Experts are resourced to provide the latest insights. For example, seven by seven feet is better than the norm of six by six, while u-shaped workstations function better than other desk configurations.

Ergonomic chairs, proper lighting, reduced noise levels are all touched on. As the author notes, “It’s a complete product that makes a complete office.” The key is to think of good office design as a productivity investment in a firm’s biggest asset – it’s employees.

Source: Lynn Lofton, Mississippi Business Journal; Jul 30, 2007

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