A spa treatment at your desk? Well, Dubai and Abu-Dhabi-based The Nail Spa will do just that if you’re a stressed out executive seeking a quick beauty treatment before that all important meeting.

The Nail Spa has launched a desk-side revival package to preen and pamper you while you are busy meeting deadlines. All you need do is book an appointment and the beauty army will march to your desk with their magic potions neatly stacked in a suitcase.

The beauty packages for men and women include manicure, pedicure, facials, and neck and shoulder massage.

“We launched the special service due to popular demand. Whether you are looking for a quick nail polish change or eyebrow threading during lunch break, or a bespoke treatment package for your team in the office, deskside revival service is ideal,” says Shabana Karim, founder and managing director of The Nail Spa.

The men are not to be left behind with a ‘gentlemen’s relish’ package that includes manicure and pedicure, head, neck and shoulder massage and reflexology for hands and feet – all for Dh430. The salon also offers team packages.

Women in this conservative country are thrilled at the concept of getting their beauty fix right at their office desk. “That is a great idea. I would love to have a beauty session when I am actually at work,” said Fathima Salam, 23, who works for an interior design company.

Mohammad Hassan, 24, who works for a government company, said he would love a shoulder massage to beat the stress at work.

However, others like Anita Pepe, 30, an Italian expatriate, said it could be a little tricky. “It’s definitely a glamorous service, but for those who do not have a personal office, it can get tricky. I share an open space with six other women and it can be quite distracting if I am sitting in front of them with my feet in a bucket,” she said.

It would be interesting to see if a similar concept would work in the United States!

Source:  Anjana Sankar | Now get that beauty fix at your office desk | August 2013 | Gulfnews.com

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