A Proliferation Of Electronic Products Has Transformed The American Workstyle And Lifestyle Over The Past Two Decades. Now, A New Generation Of Devices Is Bringing This Digital Transition To Warp Speed, Making It Simpler And Faster To Stay Connected To Job And Family And To Work More Efficiently – In The Office, At Home, Or Anywhere.

This article addresses the blurring lines between home and office, and work and leisure, brought about by recent advancements in digital and wireless technologies. It notes that information streams now effortlessly flow back and forth through Internet, intranets, satellites, phone lines and digital TV antennas into offices, homes, cars and coffee shops. Of particular interest to the author is the replacement of the second generation of wireless phones by third-generation (3G) phones – more aptly described as multi-function handheld communicators – that include voice and high-speed data capabilities, audio and video on demand, mobile text messaging, mobile Internet access and endless streams of multimedia. These will allow instant remote access to corporate networks and bring unheard of efficiencies to home and office. Soon phones will be available with Bluetooth wireless connectivity that will send images from handset to printer. There are already many printers that let mobile professionals get hard copies of documents or photographs at the touch of a button using USB connections and the simple exchanging of wired memory cards.

With an estimated 6 million new home offices created this year, the home office arena is seeing a true melding of business and consumer technology with the exchange of information and entertainment content among a variety of devices throughout the house. A home network can now facilitate communications among appliances, entertainment products, computers and other information devices so they can work together and effortlessly share information.

This article predicts a proliferation of flat screens on walls and desktops displaying information and entertainment. The biggest impact, however, will come from the high speed Internet. New technologies promise voice over Internet Protocol, video conferencing, virtual private networks and web-based office applications that will provide both efficiency enhancements and cost savings. “The future,” the author declares, “will increasingly be digital, broadband and wireless – at warp speed.”

Source: Fast Company; October, 2003

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