Readers are introduced here to a new office furniture line by Steelcase that “repurposes the pleasures of repose – including park benches, café umbrellas, picnic tables and campfires – for modern office life.”  This new line, called “Campfire,” includes seven pieces priced from $250 to $1300 that are targeted toward small business owners.

The sleek, brightly-colored line ranges from a moveable screen of steel and polyester fabric that can quickly cordon off a meeting space to a waist-high kitchen-table-like meeting spot, complete with an oversize lamp akin to a café umbrella that serves to focus conversation.

Campfire went on sale March 15, 2010 and is available through Steelcase dealers and at The author notes that it’s priced to appeal to small business owners unready to invest in more professional furniture collections but looking for bright, professional pieces that work hard to encourage teamwork and ignite brainstorming. The physical impact is designed to encourage communication and productivity while the comfort level emulates the feel and atmosphere of small group interaction at home.

Source:  Jaclyn Trop, Detroit News (Detroit), March 25, 2010

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