We all love to imagine what the Offices of Tomorrow will look like, or what the Workers of Tomorrow will want to do for work. Why is this so fun?

Just think of the countless science-fiction books and movies we have for inspiration. Take the Iron Man movies for example, gun-toting-flying-body-armor-aside.

The Tony Stark character enjoys several of the Office of the Future trends we’re hearing about:

  • Wearable Technology:  From a helmet that respond to eye motion, to a ‘smart’ watch and bracelets that communicate with external technology.
  • Anywhere-Touch-Screens: Move beyond the 24″ tablet, and turn any surface info a touch-screen. Every surface (and even the air) in Tony’s home office fill with content as he waves his arms in purposefully artistic ways.
  • Work from anywhere: While Tony takes it a little far by ‘working’ while flying and fighting bad guys, he gets it done by taking his tech with him. Including Jarvis, his computer companion, who seems to talk to Tony from practically anywhere. His car, his suit, his watch, phone, head-set, you name it, Jarvis just knows where he is. Software companies are making it easy to link technology together so it all acts as a single system.
    • Check out the What’s Available Now section to see which devices can ‘talk’ to each other: Run Your Home from Your Phone
    • See Wearable Technology

Maybe you’re ready for your own Tony Stark lair.  Take a fun quiz to see how open you are to a tech-filled future.  And then see who already beat you to the punch.

Photo courtesy Marvel.com

  1. Anywhere-Touch-Screens are the thing of the future that we can experience now. Many developers like HumeLab are now investing a lot in this technology.


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