Workplace civility is becoming a growing concern to managers.  This author believes this phenomenon is due to the adverse impact of an exodus of talent from the “take no prisoners” corporate cultures of the ‘90s and ‘00s.  The new metric of note is the “civility index.”  Based on surveys of employee feelings about their companies, a low score makes it harder for companies to attract and keep talent.

Civility is a top-down learned behavior, and the author notes that a sure sign of how civil a company and its culture is can be found by examining the behavior of its executives.  Their behavior towards subordinates is usually a reflection of how the CEO behaves toward his own subordinates.

The article includes sample questions to ask employees that focus on organizational behavior and reveal what work needs to be done to achieve a kinder, more civil workplace culture.

Source: Antonio R. Samson, Business World (Manila); Aug 22, 2005

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