Due to tighter fiscal budgets, the need for having highly skilled and motivated federal employees is now even more urgent. According to the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) who released a report, Federal Employee Engagement: The Motivating Potential of Job Characteristics and Rewards, on January 2013 revealed that while 70.5% of federal employees are generally motivated, 13.1% of respondents reported that they were not engaged in their work.

The report identifies several factors responsible for lack of employee motivation. It also stated that while 52% of respondents reported a mid-level motivation potential, only 21 percent had a high-level motivation potential. This finding suggests that although federal employees feel motivated in their work at a general level, job characteristics are an area where potential improvements can be made to increase motivation.

Here’s what federal agencies can do to improve job characteristics and keep employees engaged: 

  • Expand employees’ responsibilities
  • Rotate jobs to broaden knowledge and skills
  • Make the job more challenging

Source: ASTD Staff | Job Characteristics Key To Motivating Federal Employees | January 2013 | ASTD Publications

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