Todd Selby’s third and latest book shows us where top fashion designers—including Iris van Herpen, Dries van Noten, and Nicola Formichetti—go to work.

“With fashion, people often associate it with marketing, and they forget the other side of it, which is the creators,” says Todd Selby, a photographer and writer who’s spent the past three years interviewing fashion designers. “Fashion is filled with so many passionate people that have a really unique vision and their own take on creativity.”

That flood of creativity is the subject of Selby’s third and newest book The Fashionable Selby. As in his previous books The Selby is in Your Place and Edible Selby, Selby scouts out wildly creative minds and photographs them in their work environments. He also has them fill out by hand his own (also hand-written) Q&As, making the books feel like scrapbooks about the creative process.

The book pays homage to Selby’s connections in the fashion industry. He interviews big names like Isabel Marant and van Noten, avant-garde thinkers like van Herpen. He also wisely includes designers who aren’t household names, but rather work behind the scenes for larger companies, like Audrey Louise Reynolds, a Brooklyn artisan who has dyed clothing for Nike.

The designers hail from all over the world. Selby clicked them on location in the U.S., Japan, England, France, Amsterdam, and Italy. For the most part, their workspaces have tabletops brimming with swatches and notebooks, and mood boards full of textures and fabrics that will soon become finished garments. Many of the studios offer tantalizing peeks at the designers’ sources of inspiration.

Click the link to see a few examples of Selby’s photos and videos

Source: Margaret Rhodes | See The Workspaces Of 14 Leading Creative Minds | March 20. 2014 | Fast Company

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