These eleven new design materials and technologies offer a glimpse into where innovation is taking us, both in terms of sustainability and simply as cool ideas:

  • Metal Architectural Surfaces – low-cost, lightweight sheet metal that is die-cut and processed to create the representation of textures, patterns and images
  • Xylogramm – CNC routed decorative panels for high-end interior design, wall paneling, and furniture construction
  • CFS (Carbon Fiber Stone) – Composite material made of stone and encased in carbon for an inexpensive and extremely strong material
  • UltraCanvas Backlite U280 – Coated woven polyester backlit textile for use as indoor or outdoor signage, displays, etc.
  • Navi Floor – Flooring textile with integrated RFID tags for navigation and logistic applications under laminates and carpeting
  • OCTAMOLD – lightweight honeycomb core material for use in construction panels, acoustic panels, furniture and packaging industries
  • Concrete Cloth – Cement impregnated flexible fabric that hardens upon addition of water to form a thin, durable, waterproof and fireproof concrete layer; used for furniture design, roofing, sculpture, digital printing design
  • VarioLine – Thermoplastic, integrally foamed, completely recyclable material that can be used as an alternative to plywood, MDF, and other structural construction panels
  • HoneyCOR ESP – Pressure-molded recyclable honeycomb panels for use in construction
  • Transparent LED Signboard – Transparent flexible polymer sheet that incorporates working LED lights; can be implemented as signage and POP displays
  • SARATECH Permasorb Wallpaper – Wall covering that absorbs chemicals from walls

Source: Dr. Andrew H. Dent, Contract; May 3, 2010

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