Experts Say That Healthy Relationships At Work Are Key To Job Satisfaction And The Smooth Operation Of An Office; When Colleagues Connect

Many people spend more time with their co-workers than with their spouses or families, making getting to know office colleagues an important aspect of the job. Workplace experts believe that possessing a healthy relationship with co-workers increases job satisfaction and boosts office morale. The article explores the reasons for this, noting, for example, that the spirit of teamwork helps one deal with job pressures and makes one less afraid to ask for help or ideas from others.

The author notes that not all co-workers can or will become friends. Annoying behavior, inappropriate dress, or any of a host of inconsiderate activities can detract from the ability to do one’s work. At this point experts suggest finding a polite way to address the problem or asking the boss to intervene.

The way workers interact depends on their workplace culture. In offices where workers sit in rows of cubicles it can be difficult for people to learn anything personal about each other. Other places can be very competitive, making trust a difficult state to achieve. Within this context the author talks about the nature of friendship and the positive outcomes that result. The article ends with a list of typical personalities that exist in the workplace and offers readers ways to identify and deal with them.

Source: Bianca Torres, The Baltimore Sun; Aug 17, 2005

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