Imagine losing your weight in gold! This is the strategy that the local government in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has proposed to its citizens where gold is a prized commodity.

Fast food is cheaply and commonly available in this prosperous land of oil and gold. Unfortunately the option of burning all the extra calories by exercising outdoors is not exciting, considering the 90 degree plus temperature levels of the desert heat.

So in a bid to encourage their citizens to get fit, the government is offering its citizens a gram of gold for each kilogram lost. Based on today’s market rate, that works out to approximately $41 for a little over two pounds of fat loss.

The catch is simple: Participants have to lose at least two kilos to get the golden payout.

In the United States, the concept of rewarding people for losing weight is not new. However, according to patient advocates, those kinds of systems can lead to discrimination against people who are in poor health and incentives don’t always work.

Ultimately it all depends on an individual’s personal motivation. Only time can tell how effective such wellness reward programs are on the overall health of employees and the collective pockets of employers

Source:  Nancy Shute | Weight Loss Is Worth Gold In Dubai | July 17, 2013 | NPR

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