Work can be stressful. True story!

Stress impedes success and prevents you from building your personal brand in productive ways.  When you’re stressed, you don’t think clearly and behave in ways that are counter to who you are. You become paralyzed and less productive. You impact relationships with your team and colleagues. All of this has a negative impact on how people perceive you.

In fact, occupational stress has been defined as a global epidemic by the United Nations’ International Labor Organization.

Workplace stress makes people behave in off-brand ways. When they’re stressed, they become the person people avoid or complain about. According to workplace stress management expert Jordan Friedman, “Second-hand stress impacts you and those around you and it’s hazardous to your brand. Stress shuts down two-way communication, hinders problem solving and sends an I’m more important than you message…. Stress impacts performance and job satisfaction. Knowing how to recognize and manage your stress is the single most valuable leadership skill you can master.””

In short, stress is a major personal brand detractor. And your biggest enemy.

So do you know that person? Or worse, are you that person?

Here are 5 ways to recognize your stress triggers and deal with and bring it under your control:

  1. Watch. In this brief “Quick Calm” video, you’ll learn a simple but powerful technique to instantly reduce stress. Bookmark it or add it to your playlist so you can get to it quickly when stress mounts.
  2. Listen. Get a free account at and subscribe to the meditation channel. When you need a calming break, listen to ‘The Cosmic Island” for a minute or so and watch the stress drip away. If you prefer Songza, the Thunderstorm Sounds playlist will do the trick.
  3. Read.  This workbook by Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman and Matthew McKay gives you step-by-step techniques for calming the body and mind.
  4. Learn. Take a class. Learn it Live features hundreds of classes – many are free – focused on health and well-being. Here’s a popular webinar with some truly helpful tips:  It’s recorded, so you can watch it during your lunch hour.
  5. Download. This Stressbusters app from is replete with stress-busting tools and techniques to make even the most type A person chill.

Source:  William Arruda | Five Simple Ways To Reduce Stress At Work | April15, 2014 |  (Image via Shutterstock)

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