Did you know that sitting down for long hours at a time could kill you? Apparently, even if you exercise regularly, it does not make up for the extended hours of sitting that a desk job demands. The simple solution is to get up more often and move throughout the day.

Infographic: How Sitting is Killing You

Sit on an exercise ball or stand while working or use the stairs instead of the elevator, or even walk over to your co-worker’s desk instead of sending an instant message. Some employers are now taking this health intiative even further by aligning the ‘move while you move’ concept within their corporate culture. The goal is improve employee health and reduce healthcare costs. The author cites a Minneapolis firm, Salo where employees hold ‘walking meetings’.

The company has set up four treadmill desks in the conference room, where a height-adjustable working surface is placed above the treadmill track. The desks face one another, so that attendees can walk and conduct business at the same time. In addition, six treadmill desks, complete with computers have been added. Plus, Salo’s employees are encouraged to take Ping-Pong breaks on a table set up in the office.

For six months, the activities of 18 employees were monitored by a device on their belts. Thanks to the treadmill desks and wireless headsets that permit walking while talking on the phone, the employees collectively lost more than 150 pounds, most of it in body fat. More and more companies are instituting such fun programs into their culture and employees are embracing them without any complaints!

Source: Eric V. Copage | The New York Times

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