Gone are the workspace concepts of the 1970’s. Floor plan designs created isolating and non-stimulating environments. Physical barriers of cubicle design, circulation patterns, and the lack of daylight views for most employees blend together to inhibit collaboration and inspiration.

Teams are therefore slower complete tasks, thus affecting team, and individual results.

Workplaces also must be reinvented to accommodate new technologies, beyond just the impact of wireless technology. New hardware and software is causing workers to think and behave differently, and therefore, accomplish daily tasks in a new way.

The workspace must be a collaborative environment that:

  • extracts the most value from the space,
  • attracts and retains great talent, and
  • reflects the aspirations of the organization.

Get those things right and:

  • performance improves,
  • workers are more effective and more efficient,
  • innovation is nurtured, and
  • other good things happen.

Can your workplace really do all this? Absolutely. When rethinking your work environment, focus on goals like wellness, collaboration, performance, flexibility and customization. You will end up with is a high-performing environment that supports sustainable worker productivity and employee satisfaction.

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