Details, a Steelcase company, has introduced a new adjustable height workbench series. Aptly titled the ‘Series Bench’, the system combines all the advantages of adjustable height tables with the simplicity of ‘connection kits’ for easy configuration.

With three height adjustment options, cable management, a worktool rail option and center screens, the system can accommodate a myriad of workstyles:

  • the permanent workstation resident,
  • departmental groups,
  • highly mobile employee(s),
  • and transient teams (Steelcase 360).

The base is available in platinum or black.

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Benching is a great way to meet employees’ need for a flexible and responsive work environment, and employers desire to manage real estate costs and adapt to changing business needs.

Read more about the advantages of utilizing a benching system in your workplace, and why the trend is gaining support.

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