Designing Light And Air – How The New Bank Of America Building Will Save Energy And Let Its Occupants Breathe Easy

This article is based on an interview with the architect of Manhattan’s new Bank of America Tower, which is expected to earn a platinum LEED rating from the U.S Green Building Council when it opens later this year.

While the building’s low energy profile has generated a great deal of publicity – it uses about half the energy of most buildings its size – the focus of this article is on what E.O. Wilson terms “biophilia,” the health, light and productivity story.

Since people feel better when they feel connected to nature, the architect designed naturally lit environments with underfloor air-delivery systems that allow workers to control the air at their workstations. Among the other design elements discussed are air filtration, waterless urinals and “green roofs.”

Source: Cathleen McGuigan. Newsweek (New York); March 17, 2008, v151 i11 p58

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