For Joe Tye of America’s Values Coach it is a company’s corporate culture – largely in the person of its people – that creates the most lasting impression of a business for its customers and potential employees.  This article discusses Tye’s presentation at the Dow AgroSciences Premier Partner Summit in January, paying particular attention to his six strategies for finding and keeping great employees.

His first strategy, for example, is to “design and reinforce your desired corporate culture.”  He gives the example of Southwest Airlines, which is focused on providing its customers with a pleasant flying experience.  They “hire for attitude, train for skill,” conveying the impression that they are interested in who the employees are more than what they know.  They try hiring employees with a great sense of humor or storytelling abilities who are inspired by their mission and vision.  The result is a highly loyal workforce that is particularly adept at handling passengers.

This article touches on all six strategies that work together to enhance a company’s corporate culture by carefully designing and reinforcing their culture, creating and communicating their story, hiring first for cultural fit and only secondarily for contribution and qualification, and inspiring their workforce “with big dreams and lofty goals.”

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Source: Lynn Grooms, Apply 7.5; May 1, 2007

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