It is said that when you create a company you create a culture. This article notes that it’s not planned; it just happens. While everyone else focuses on sales, services, and accounting, a small community pops up within the company, with its own customs, traditions, dress, speech and rules of behavior. Strongly influenced by the founder’s personality, it’s already established by the time you find out about it.

At this point, according to this article, it’s important to determine the nature of the culture and strongly enforce it. The reason: companies work best with one culture. If you let managers create separate subcultures you’re inviting chaos. According to the author, “The inevitable conflicts will create communication problems, morale problems, and ultimately turnover problems.” In the end, “It doesn’t matter what kind of culture you want. It just has to be consistent.”

Source: Norm Brodsky, Inc. (Boston); Aug 22, 2005

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