Education in America is extremely expensive. Fortunately mobile technology and government initiatives have made it possible for students to gain higher education without having to step into a classroom.

Educators are fast realizing that by offering a syllabus that allows for flex learning without the stress of time, place or pace results in students actually wanting to learn and stay until they get their degree. Such competency-based strategies range from online and blended learning to dual enrollment and early college high schools and more.

So why are these strategies so successful? Simply because they offer personalized learning opportunities that allow students to be more engaged. These include utilizing teacher skills and interests differently, taking advantage of learning opportunities outside of school hours and walls, and credit recovery, among others.

Plus, since the pace of learning is customized, students achieve greater efficiency and increased productivity leading to amazing outcomes.

And also let’s not forget those two little all-important reasons: When students study at their own pace, they save time and money.

Unsurprisingly, due to its tremendous success, competency-based strategies are receiving a lot of support at the district and state level. Learn more about these initiatives (image via Shutterstock)

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