Applied Robotics Inc. Recently Made Some Green Choices With New Office Furniture That Includes Cubicle Panels Made With Plant Fiber Instead Of Fiberglass

This article informs readers about the green choices made by one company, Applied Robotics, when acquiring new furniture for its offices. It focuses on the new cubicle panels installed throughout the company that are manufactured by the HON company. Instead of using the usual fiberglass variants, these panels are made from a new composite material called “Nature Core” that is made primarily of a natural fiber called “kenaf.”

Kenaf is an annually renewable crop with roots based in Africa that is now second only to cotton in the volume grown around the world. One acre of this product produces up to 11 tons of useable fiber, three times the fiber yielded by an acre of U.S. forest. It is durable, possesses excellent soundblocking qualities and emits no fumes.

This article and a related one titled “Cubicles Go Green” provide additional information and links, including

Source: Machine Design (Chicago); February 7, 2008, p35

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