If you’re trying to convert your traditional office into a paperless one, how do you go about it? The answer is simple: You just don’t order any file cabinets. The ever evolving workspace trends in the current era has resulted in new office design challenges—whether it’s eliminating cubicles for communal tables or adopting a digital file system instead of a paper one. Solving one space problem often results in the birth of a new predicament — Intolerance to popcorn smells anyone?

Thanks to the fast pace of technology, space planners, architects and furniture companies are constantly trying to play catch-up. Once upon a time, offices were designed to stay put for at least 10 years. Today, it’s thought of in two-to-three year increments. Employers are looking for new design ideas to attract employees back into the office. Unfortunately for them, devices, furniture, and people have moved from fixed to mobile. As the author succinctly states, “So now workplace “design” is as much about programming, services and amenities as it once was about cubicles and corner offices.”

Source: Allison Arieffemail | June 11, 2012 | Wired Magazine

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