Create A Healthier Home Office: Turn Your Work Space Into A Veritable Zen Zone

The author of this article notes that clutter and chaos in the home office saps energy and concentration while increasing tension and anxiety. Companies are responding by designing office products with ergonomics, atmospherics and ease of use in mind. Some of the more interesting innovations for a stress-free home office:

  • New muted paint colors that are less fatiguing on the eyes.
  • Height-adjustable desks that offer a custom fit for workers.
  • Head sets with wireless Bluetooth that can be used with land lines or cell phones and allow multi-tasking while the user sits through conference calls.

The article also discusses seats, foot rests, lighting to reduce glare, and adding “green” elements like plants, fountains, rocks and wood to the office setting. The article includes a related piece titled, “Feng Shui For Beginners.”

Source: Brett Hill. Shape; February, 2008, v27 i6 p62

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