Google Inc.’s latest innovation is gaining a ton of traction amongst those companies that enjoy ripping up their office space and putting it all back together like it was made of building blocks.

Meet the Crabot, which, according to those Google folks, consists of “a range of small flexible manageable cranes and robotic machines.” Apparently these cranes will be effectively designed to operate and lift prefabricated units during construction, and assist in the moving of large, heavy loads of furniture and other building gear.

The Crabot is still in its planning stages. Of course, it goes without saying that should Google, by combining the latest crane and robot technology, be successful in this venture, the work space of the future would include not just the standard office paraphernalia, but also industrial-strength materials-moving machines and bots. (image via shutterstock)

Source: Nathan Donato-Weinstein | Meet Google’s ‘crabot’ — part crane, part robot, all Google | March 1, 2015 |

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