Do you know what your purpose at your job is? According to this brilliant article, more and more employees today are looking for a purpose to their work that is easily stated, outwardly directed, and actually makes a real difference to their career and lives.

Apparently, an estimated 8 out of every 10 mergers fail to produce the value they promise. Chances are this failure came about because no one focused on who they are—that is, their corporate culture, which is critical to successfully bringing different groups of people together. Unfortunately, that same one-sided focus exists within many organizations causing major rifts within the organization; mainly between the executives and the employees. This divide is not only real but also very costly. Executives consider financial performance, competitive compensation, and business strategy as all important. Employees prefer regular communications, access to management and leadership, and values and beliefs. For a company to be successful, it is important for leaders to merge the two warring parties immediately. Strategy and culture should be in harmony with one another.

For exceptional organizations, profit is never confused with purpose. There is no ‘I’, only ‘we’. Getting to ‘we’, therefore, begins with knowing your why. And profit becomes a by-product of purpose. According to the author, transforming ‘why’ from aspirational to actionable is a turning point in every organization’s journey to become exceptional. When that milestone is reached, customers see it and employees feel it.

Source: Punit Renjen | How To Get Employee Buy-In To Build Exceptional Culture | September 26, 2012 | Fast Company

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