In these troubled economic times when salaries and stock options are under close scrutiny, many companies are using the corner office as a tool to attract senior management talent. This article touches on the aesthetics of the office furniture used by top executives. Although some still favor a “mixed material” look of wood with glass or metal, many more are now asking for all wood, often in quite traditional styles. Most senior executives opt for oversized desks and prefer no clutter. Pedestals with pocket doors that can conceal printers and CPUs are therefore popular and electrical outlets that are accessible but hidden are a must. The value of hardwood like cherry and mahogany for long-lasting service and a rich and elegant look is discussed. While cherry remains the no. 1 choice for high-end office furniture, maple and mahogany are rising in popularity. The article ends with a brief discussion of office chairs and conference tables.

Source: Alison Skertic, Indiana Business Magazine, September, 2002

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