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Crabot: Your Must-Have Office Accessory

Google Inc.’s latest innovation is gaining a ton of traction amongst those companies that enjoy ripping up their office space…

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ikea tech

Ikea Furniture To Start Charging Devices Wirelessly

Want a world without wires? Ikea wants to make that dream come true, too. Imagine charging your tech wirelessly. Yes,…

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Office Furniture Industry: A Profit Renaissance

The recession is finally over. This has proved to be a boon to the office furniture industry, which is seeing…

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Millenial Office Hipster

For Millenials, Office Space is the New Frontier

They are almost here ready to invade the work force! Meet the millennial generation with their mobile tech savvy and…

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Office Spaces of the New Era

They are crazy cool. Whimsically whacky. And responsible for a lot of jealousy-inducing emotions. We’re talking about corporate office design…

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Where Do You Get Your Best Work Done?

As a telecommuter, I spend 100% of my time working in a home office. Or do I? Or should I?…

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Renting empty office space? Stage it.

Stage a Spec Suite to Attract Office Space Renters

Thanks to the burgeoning economy, Chicago’s commercial rental market is finally in an upswing. But in an arena that’s flooded…

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Indie Venture Capitalism: How The Sharing Economy Opens Doors

Tis the season to share! And it looks like companies everywhere are jumping on the sharing economy bandwagon. This interesting…

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More Fun With the Office of the Future

We all love to imagine what the Offices of Tomorrow will look like, or what the Workers of Tomorrow will…

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Study: Standing Desks Are More Beneficial To Students

Old school teachers used to punish students by making them stand at their desks. Now, researchers are prescribing it for…

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Corporate dining seen as key perk

If you thought that workplace benefits are all about health insurance, casual Fridays and 401(k)s? Think again. One of the…

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How Today's Decision-Makers Lead with their Feet

The key to making better decisions may involve a simple recipe of fresh air and and a good pair of…

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