Practice Perseverance

Tips To Kick-Start Productivity

Here are a few tips for making ‘work’, or life, more productive, from a fantastic article on kick-starting your productivity, written by…

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how habits learned in school affect leadership potential

How Habits Learned in School Affect Leadership Potential

Are new college graduates ready to handle leadership in the workplace? According to John Coleman, author of The Bad Habits…

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Workplace flexibility not just for working mothers anymore

Workplace flexibility not just for working moms anymore

This interesting article by Sarah Granger brings up the oft-debated topic of adaptability at workplace. Working mothers have long been struggling…

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The DNA of Idea Execution

The DNA Of Idea Execution: How Creatives Are Working Today

What goes into executing cool ideas? Can one’s workspace inspire the creative process? And exactly why is 40% of our…

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Tips on Creating a Productive Office Environment

Author Lois Goodell covers several tips on turning your workspace from good to great. If you are leasing a space,…

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Evaluating an Office Leasing Strategy

An office leasing strategy should include considerations for cost and business needs. Author Lois Goodell points out that current and…

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Author Advises Keeping No Secrets From Employees

In today’s turbulent economy many employees are anxious and distracted. Are layoffs coming? Will the company survive? Most high-level executives…

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Buzz Words

Impress (or appall) your colleagues at your next conference table get-together by using one or more of the new corporate…

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Want To Be More Productive?

This article builds on the results of a new survey conducted by Nucleus Research, Inc., a Boston technology and advisory…

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Millennials Heighten Information Security Concerns

This article explores one downside of the new millennial worker – an increased security concern. A recent study conducted by…

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