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Smart + Connected Spaces: Part III

Interview with Jason Lund, Director of AV and IT, cont’d. ACI: What would you say is the coolest, but also…

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Smart + Connected Spaces: Part II

Interview with Jason Lund, Director of AV and IT   Space design oftentimes is led with the aesthetic of the space-how…

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Smart + Connected Spaces: Part I

The technical approach in our showroom today focuses on a few key concepts: mobility, simplicity, value and credibility.  This is a significant change…

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Where Do You Get Your Best Work Done?

As a telecommuter, I spend 100% of my time working in a home office. Or do I? Or should I?…

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Office of the Future

The Office of The Future May Be Parked in Your Driveway

Regus recently offered a sneak peek at an autonomous concept car. Wait for it… one where the two fronts seats…

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When telecommuting goes wrong

Virtual Workforce Pitfalls

Telecommuters all across the world are protesting Yahoo CEO, Marissa Meyer’s decision requiring all employee attend office. The writer of…

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Yahoo May Have a Culture Problem

Mobile Workforce Ban at Yahoo Overlooks Work Culture

Marissa Mayer’s latest business decision to revamp Yahoo has thrown the entire mobile workforce into frenzy. With no clear explanation…

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Flex Time Ends

Best Buy Ends Telecommuting Program on the Heels of Yahoo Announcement

Close on the heels of Yahoo’s decision to do away with telecommuting, comes news of Best Buy doing away with…

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Insight on Telecommuting

New Insight on Telecommuting

Telecommuting was created out of a necessity to reduce work hours at office, improve productivity and family relationships. On the…

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Workspring by Steelcase partners with Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels partners with Workspring by Steelcase

Inspired by the work styles of Gen X and Gen Y, Marriott Hotels & Resorts is re-imagining” the traditional small…

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Warming up to the Officeless Office

Warming Up to the Officeless Office

Personal work areas can be expensive. In this no-cubicle age, more and more employers are realizing, to the chagrin of…

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Bring Your Own iPad

BYOP: Bring Your Own iPad

Can you be the CEO of your own healthcare? According to Dr. Daniel Kraft, MD, it is very possible with…

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