How a Healthy Office Building Makes a Healthy (and Productive!) Workforce

Gone are the days of the typical office building design being the equivalent of a glorified parking lot for people.  A workspace…

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lean construction

A lesson in Lean Construction

Is there a leaner way to construct? This question was asked by Howard S. Wright, a construction company, project team…

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A New Twist for Modern Architecture

Europe’s modern architectural landscape still carries stark reminders of the continents war-torn past, with empty spaces, gaps and lots in…

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Hospital Design

Hospital Design Integral to Patient Healing Process

Can a hospital’s physical structure be a part of its patients healing process? World-renowned architect Rafael Viñoly thinks so. As…

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Building Design integrates Wind Power

Wind Power integrated into building design fuels clean energy strategy

There is a growing interest in integrating clean energy technologies in new construction. And we’re not talking solar capabilities. Venger…

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Is your workspace an oasis for health and well-being?

Can the design of your workspace contribute to your physical and mental health and well-being? According to this article by…

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Starchitecture: A Modest Proposal

Architectural trends are shifting as the economy begins to recover. Innovation is now geared toward sustainability and new technology rather…

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