Companies are constantly looking for solutions to keep their workers comfortable and content. It’s not surprising to know that recent studies have shown that light can really energize employees, especially the desk-bound ones. So how can you bring in more light if you can’t install more windows?

Fraunhofer, a German high-tech research firm, just may have found a solution. The “virtual sky” consists of 50-centimeter-square panels, each with 288 LED lights. Each panel has red, blue, green and white LEDs, allowing the system to produce the full light spectrum and more than 16 million hues. A matte film diffuses the light, so the individual LEDs aren’t visible. As these programmed LEDs turn on and off they simulate the shifting light you’d experience sitting outside during a moderately cloudy day.

The downside—this concept is neither energy efficient nor is it cheap. The current price is about 1,000 Euros per square meter. However, in these days of worker mobility, employers are eager for products that would not only ensure their staff’s increased productivity but also assure their attendance at work by actually coming in to office and being happy about it. It looks like the dark, dull days of work are on their way out.

Source: Andrew Price January 9, 2012

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