Can you be the CEO of your own healthcare? According to Dr. Daniel Kraft, MD, it is very possible with all the new technology available. A national speaker who explores consumer demand, what’s trending in technology, and how this is changing the way health care is delivered, Dr. Kraft is extremely pro-patient. According to him, your healthcare experience doesn’t have to just ‘happen’ to you.

In this new era of medicine and technology, a patient is an empowered being taking complete charge, customizing their own healthcare experience and optimizing their own care. More and more clinicians have added smart phones and tablets as a mobile health tool in their doctor’s bags. Nearly 30% of physicians use iPads to communicate among themselves and with patients. Dr. Kraft urges us to embrace technology and use apps to improve our healthcare experience.

There are apps out there to monitor your glucose level, or have the capability to provide an EKG of your heart that can be sent to your physician. How about the app that takes a photo of your skin or eyes that can be sent for diagnosis by your dermatologist or optometrist; or helps us lose weight by tracking our eating and activity habits!

According to Dr. Kraft, we live in the era of, “the Facebook of medicine…new technology is creating participatory medicine, which allows patients to find others like them who they can share information and support with.” Dr. Kraft also spoke about finding ways to apply design thinking. Even though health and wellness technology can be intimidating, these innovations help patients develop better health habits.

So don’t be scared. Embrace the good instead!

Source: Robin Polavin | April 19, 2012 | Nurture by Steelcase Blog

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