Movement Against Worst Workplace Abusers Gains Momentum With Proposed Laws

Continuing harassment in the workplace – from repeated verbal abuse to humiliation – can have serious consequences, including a range of physical and psychological health problems. It is so widespread that 1 in 6 Americans reports being bullied at work.

This article highlights a growing movement against workplace bullying, with legislation being introduced that asks employers to correct and prevent such abuse and gives victims the right to sue for limited damages. Currently studies show that it’s usually the victims who pay – 37% of victims were fired, 33% quit and 17% were transferred. The bullies were punished in only 4% of the cases.

The author examines recent case law and discusses ongoing anti-bully efforts. Employer opposition is examined, as are the costs in lost productivity and healthcare expenditures. The article ends with a list of websites to use for further information.

Source: Carolyn Said, San Francisco Chronicle; Jan 21, 2007

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