IT workers in the nation’s greenest data centers are finding that they have to make sacrifices for the greater good to help reduce energy use. Forget about an office — their modular desk in a big open space of stark, modernistic design will be devoid of such standbys as their own printer, mini-frig and even coffeepots. Personal items like hotplates, microwaves, fans, heaters and lamps are also victims of a lack of electrical outlets.

These losses are balanced, of course, by more natural sunlight, fresher, healthier air, better views and greenery. Nonetheless, this article argues that managers should use marketing and education to win over employees. After all, “the coffeepot and printer are big things [that are] near and dear to people.”

Source: Carolyn Duffy Marsan, Network World (Framingham); Dec 3, 2007

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