Beyond the cube, workplace design now embraces such lofty concepts as enhancing communication, facilitating work-in-process, managing technology and providing an up-to-date alternative to “cube life”. Sound too easy? Let’s break it down.

  • Planning principals begin with storage and work surfaces, not cubicle panels.
  • Natural light is shared and collaboration is enhanced.
  • Work in Progress is displayed & organized as the user wants it.
  • Wires, cords and connections are smartly managed and easily accessible.

Access to natural light can be increased by lowering panel height. If privacy is then an issue, incorporate translucent privacy screens.

User adjustability can enhance individual and team productivity. Products such as adjustable height tables, mobile storage units, and mix-and-match worktools allow workers to tailor their work environment to best suit their immediate needs.

Worksurface size and storage capacity can be chosen based on workstyle needs such as ‘piling’ versus ‘filing’, or job junction, or organizational needs. If 50% of your workforce will be working at home next year, reallocate space to include shared and individual space based on your new needs. If you are implementing a wireless network, any remaining wires can be hidden, yet easily accessible through easy-to-reach cable trays.

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