Zoe Finch Totten’s company, The Full Yield, is on a mission to improve public health. By targeting big employers with The Full Yield’s wellness program, Finch Totten hopes to make employees healthier and cheaper to insure. The program is first being rolled out in a few Boston-area businesses, but plans to expand to the nation’s 50 largest cities within five years.

This wellness program differs from others offered by corporations; up to now, most programs have focused on smoking cessation, stress reduction and exercise. The Full Yield targets the diets of employees, requiring a three-month commitment to eating only whole foods. The program is rounded out by a health-risk assessment, biometrics measures, meetings with a coach, activity plan, and access to a community website.

Source: Next Health: Better Health Through Employee’s Diet, Fast Company, by Elaine Appleton Grant, June 1, 2010

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