Libraries draw traffic because they generate a large number of repeat visitors that are attending regularly to check out and return books, participate in programs, use public computers, etc. This article explains a number of strategies that can tie a public library into a development that draws traffic. They include:

  • Main-street designs used by open-air shopping centers
  • An overall design that creates a community icon
  • Using the library itself as the icon
  • Adding a second anchor in the fashion of a mall

Experience teaches that the most successful developments feature anchors, retailers, and other mixed-use components that the surrounding community needs and wants. Most important to the design of any development is research to discover the kinds of facilities that a community will be eager to use. This research, in addition to a well-thought out circulation pattern, will create a development that is much more likely to succeed.

Source: Jeff Davis and David Cassil, Contract; June 3, 2010

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