So, you put in long hours on the job, sacrifice your personal life, and think about work when you’re in bed. Are you a workaholic? And if so, how can you get help? This article will help you answer these questions and more besides. The first thing the author wants you to do is check out the Workaholics Anonymous website at and take a short test to pin down your status. [The site is run by self-proclaimed workaholics who volunteer their time to help others cope with this malady.]

The next step is to determine if your over-attention to work is temporary or “rooted in who you are.” There follows an assessment of your relationships with family, complete with some cogent reality checks. If it turns out that you’re a bit of a workaholic after all, the article provides a list of measures you can take to restore balance to your life.

Source: Jennifer Huget, The Washington Post; May 8, 2007

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