Europe’s modern architectural landscape still carries stark reminders of the continents war-torn past, with empty spaces, gaps and lots in areas in between buildings. Some cities, like Berlin, have rehabbed these gaps into parks or shared gardens. Moscow-based Za Bor Architects, have been, however, more innovative.

The firm was rethinking their current workspace when they devised the concept for a ‘Parasite Office’. Using steel shapes clamped to the adjacent party walls, their proposed structure would hang suspended over the street, accessible from a narrow stair at one edge. Inside, three levels of modular office space are laterally stabilized by a steel-framed facade. The trusses are in-filled with lightweight polycarbonate, giving the “parasite” an otherworldly glow at night. The design is a sensitive solution to an old urban condition.

The project is currently with the Russian construction administration awaiting approval. Because the Parasite Office never touches down to the ground floor, pedestrians can still access the interior courtyard. Imagine having one of these in cities where there are severe real estate shortages like New York or Chicago.

Source: Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan | In Cramped Cities, The Office Of The Future Is A Parasite |

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