A green jungle sprouting within a concrete jungle? Well, legendary Italian architect Stefano Boeri and his team at Boeri Studios has managed to achieve this oxymoron, or shall we say, urban miracle of sorts. Their latest project, the Bosco Verticale Towers located in the city of Milan, is a brilliant solution to the problem of finding land for parks in cities.

The private residential towers are designed with a vertical park growing out of the structure. With close to 730 trees, 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 ground plants planted in the towers, the vertical forest spreads out over one hectare of woodland across 27 floors.

Boeri has always been committed to contemporary architecture and urbanism. The $90 million buildings are the first in a series of proposed green belt concept called BioMilano.

Boeri Studios, however, is not alone in their environmental initiatives. More and more architects are looking for ways to incorporate nature into their designs instead of just adding green construction materials. Harmonia 57, a building in Brazil designed by Triptyque, has plants embedded in porous concrete walls that are watered with a mist that shrouds the whole building. It’s pretty evident that the lines between green space and living space are fast being blurred.

With urban land being usurped by humans for living, it looks like vertical parks may be the ultimate salvation for dense cities.

Source: Michael Coren www.fastcoexist.com November, 2011

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