Federated Mutual Insurance, one of the largest commercial mutual insurance companies in the nation, has provided peace of mind to business owners through valued insurance protection and risk management services for more than a century. The firm has over 2300 employees and is licensed in 49 states.

Federated desired a work café that reflected their brand and culture in the Owatonna, MN headquarters.

They wanted to create a space that would entice new employees and also resonate with their long-term employees. Additionally, with over half of the company’s employees using laptops, they sought to draw people together in the new space for departmental and one-on-one meetings.

We proudly partnered with BWBR architectural firm to transform the work café into a fresh and inviting environment that fosters creativity and collaboration, and represents the Federated brand.

Architect: BWBR

Due to the growing workforce at their corporate office in Mankato, MN, AgStar Financial Services (now Compeer Financial), one of the nation’s largest farm credit associations, worked with ISG to create an open work environment that fosters collaboration and reflects their vibrant culture.

Atmosphere Commercial Interiors teamed up with ISG to assist in making AgStar’s vision of a collaborative workplace a reality.

AgStar chose a Resilient Real Estate strategy that created smaller workstation footprints for resident employees and touch-down places for traveling employees.

A variety of areas adjacent to the open offices include formal and informal meeting spaces that utilize wireless technology, giving employees the connections they need wherever they are in the building.

AgStar’s commitment to employee wellness is reflected in the generous access to daylight and workstations that offer height adjustable surfaces, offering the choice of sitting or standing throughout the day.

Engaged employees have the flexibility to choose where they want to work based on the task at hand, including access to visual and acoustic privacy when needed. AgStar’s design team understood that need and provided small phone rooms and intimate meeting spaces with superior acoustics near the open office settings.

Architect: ISG

Collaborative work and continual learning are key to Southland’s success as one of the nation’s largest building systems experts. Echoing design aesthetics from Southland’s California headquarters, this forward-thinking engineering and pre-construction hub allows for rapid-fire exchanges of ideas and information in team and individual work settings.

To truly inspire innovative thinking, Atmosphere teamed up with SmithGroup to make real Southland’s vision of a collaborative and flexible workspace for all.

Communal tables supplement traditional tables for group work, while shared private ‘travel offices’ allow employees to choose various settings to work in. Large conference rooms are able to morph into smaller ones at will, with mobile dividers and modular tables that utilize flexible technology connections. The break area opens into an outdoor patio space, allowing for ever greater choices for where teams can work throughout the day.

Design: SmithGroup

Photographer: Kevin Korczyk, K2 Creative

Minneapolis architecture firm HGA was hired to design a new office space based on the Accenture Workplace 2.0 model, a free address workplace strategy that prioritizes space for collaboration. Their challenge was to design a collaborative, flexible and open workplace that celebrates the  Accenture brand while maintaining a local character.  The space was to be technology-rich, with easy to use plug-and-play technology throughout. This project leaps another step forward in the evolution of the modern workplace with an emphasis on flexibility, technology integration and a variety of spaces that support and encourage interaction and collaboration.


All furnishings were provided by Atmosphere Commercial Interiors, using elements that lend a local feel to the space, such as rift cut white oak, a walnut slab break room table, and birch graphic elements and planter.  The Accenture brand is reinforced with brightly painted brand-colored walls and billboards of Accenture ads and logos. Sustainable strategies were implemented throughout, including local materials, FSC certified wood, low VOC paints and adhesives, recycling construction waste, and Energy Star appliances.

The result is an energetic workplace that encourages consultants to come to the office to collaborate with each other and with clients both locally and around the world.

Architect: HGA

Working in a dark, outdated space, Bosch Security Systems wanted a complete transformation to meet their business and staffing needs. One challenge was to accommodate Bosch’s need to keep business running from their current space during construction. As a security firm, accommodating confidential documents and protecting their computer system from disruptions in the course of their work was paramount.

Atmosphere Commercial Interiors reconfigured the existing office to create a temporary “swing” space that allowed all 150 employees to keep working in the office while the space was being renovated. We handled all move management in multiple phases throughout the course of the project. We partnered with Chicago Architecture firm, Whitney, to achieve a space that fulfilled their needs, integrating much needed technology, private enclaves and collaboration spaces. The result is a beautiful, high-functioning modern work environment that features an elegant, traditional aesthetic with warm colors and rich wood tones throughout the space.


Architect: Whitney Architects

Photos: Peter J. Sieger

With help from Atmosphere, this Cottage Grove facility added 78 workstations and private offices from Steelcase to maximize choice and control for employees. Four collaboration spaces situated near large windows utilize the natural light to comfortably create new ways of working, while an updated lunchroom allows for collaboration and respect on a personal level.

Also included in the project were updated break rooms and conference rooms that can further create spaces for multi-functional collaboration.

Architect: RSP Architects

Photographer: FarmKid Studio

Longtime Madison marketing firm Lindsay, Stone & Briggs has moved into its new, “open studio” offices on the Capitol Square, and launched an experiment in boosting creativity through radically re-engineered work spaces.

The LSB environment showcases an abundance of natural light and creativity, full of areas for formal and informal interaction. Employees enjoy spaces that support quiet reflection, celebrations, brainstorming, presentations and private work.

A gleaming bank of floor-to-ceiling windows, offering expansive views of the lake and the Capitol, provide the wow factor. “We’re in the business of inspiration,” said Bill Winchester, chief creative director and an executive vice president at LSB. “The vibe of this (new space) is very much upscale.”

Architect: Valerio DeWalt

Photos: Mike Rebholz

In Spring 2016, Children’s Minnesota Business Campus relocated 575 full time employees in administration and support roles from multiple locations to one consolidated site. Echoing the playful interiors of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, the new office features nods to the colorful spaces featured throughout the healthcare system and shows their deep commitment to their core value of “kids first”.

From mock-up and product testing through value engineered solutions for best fit, finish and meeting budgetary concerns, the Atmosphere Commercial Interiors team worked closely with the architect and Children’s Minnesota facilities group. Mindful of the design intent, we offered thoughtful alternates and led negotiations with multiple manufacturers under healthcare contract, bringing deeper discounts to the project. Utilizing the Steelcase reservation system for manufacturing, delivery dates were sequenced to meet the multiple phases and complex needs of the project.

Architect: BDHYoung Architects

Photographer: FarmKid Studios

Carlson Companies is a global group of integrated companies providing travel, hotel, restaurant, cruise and marketing services directly to consumers, corporations and government entities. For a company with the stated mission – Building Better Relationships – it’s not surprising that they recognize the critical importance of workplace environment.

Carlson Companies and Atmosphere Commercial Interiors have enjoyed a creative partnership for many years. Carlson is always in search of new and improved ways to provide environmental excellence.

Following limited initial experience with floor-to-ceiling walls, they were interested in what was new in the area of flexible and sustainable spaces. This latest application of flexible walls virtually eliminates construction waste and any future renovation waste – no demolition, dumping, procuring or rebuilding – clearly exceeding expectations for their current needs.

The new great space is so highly regarded that it has been designated by management to be the offices for the CEO in their company’s business disruption Contingency Plan.

Haworth marketing+media in Minneapolis is an independent, employee-owned media agency – known for delivering measurable results through collaboration, strategic focus and creativity.

An expiring lease led to the decision to update and upgrade their workspace to increase functionality and project their image of a contemporary media company appropriately.

Employees are loving their new workspace. It’s functional, contemporary and has infused a great energy throughout the agency.

A Minnesota Top 25 law firm, Hellmuth & Johnson had outgrown their building as well as the furniture. Attorneys worked at massive, boxy, and inefficient desks and credenzas that did not effectively support their work processes or express the firm’s personality.

After extensive research about how people really work – How do they use their workspace? How do they work most efficiently? – they decided on u-shaped configurations, with a desk and credenza linked by a bridge worksurface. It gave people more surface space and more options to accommodate different work styles.

Just as important, Hellmuth & Johnson wanted a more contemporary setting—one that fits in with the community, welcomes and engages clients, and embodies the firm’s vibrant character.

Working with design firm Studio Hive, they chose wood products from Atmosphere Commercial Interiors that combine thoughtful design and engineering, along with innovative technology accommodations.

Design: Studio Hive

The fast-growing Minneapolis creative agency Olson’s stated purpose is to build and activate brand communities, utilizing equal parts strategy, creative and technology. In their new home on the top five floors of the historic Ford Center, which once served as a Ford assembly plant in downtown Minneapolis, life at Olson is all about fostering connection and community—with each other, clients and the community.

Designed by the local office of Gensler, the space lives Olson’s “Connection is all that counts” motto.


Interior Design: Gensler Minneapolis

Photography: Peter J. Sieger

Mead & Hunt is an engineering and architectural firm that has been in business for over 100 years. They are multi-disciplined, have over 30 offices, and work both domestically and internationally.

Their headquarters project was driven by growth, and a desire to meet the challenge of recruitment of top personnel spanning multiple generations and job types. Mead & Hunt also sought to emphasize their brand and tell the story of the evolution of the firm.

Physical space is a key component in achieving the mission and vision that guide this firm. This office sets the tone for other branch offices and emphasizes well-being, with sit-to-stand workstations and options that give control and choice to personnel to work how they are most comfortable. The new office provides opportunities for group and individual work, as tasks and work style dictate.

Interior Finishes: KEE Architecture, Inc

Photography: Dale Hall Photography

At the center of today’s technology revolution, this global market leader in enterprise application software expanded their existing space in Scottsdale, AZ, by applying business insights to their office environment that enable them to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.

Working with the designer, product applications were value engineered to deliver the design vision at considerable savings to the client. One highlight is a new product to Atmosphere Commercial Interiors, the Buzzi Booth. The cool colors and configurations of the booth provide auditory and visual privacy for calls, and a touchdown space for end users.


Architect and Interior Design: McCarthy Nordburg

Photography: Mardan Photography

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Outsell is a digital marketing software-as-a-service company recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America. Their award-winning Digital Engagement Platform enables automotive brands, dealers and agencies to engage with consumers in an analytics-driven, brand-consistent manner from the national to local level.

Driven by the need to accommodate growth, Outsell engaged the Gensler Minneapolis office to create an environment that promoted work and culture in the very terms they use to describe their company and their people – sophisticated, aware, dedicated, connected and convenient.

Specific zones throughout the space support their dynamic work culture that demands both focused and collaborative work. Providing a simple kit of parts based on Steelcase c:scape products, Atmosphere Commercial Interiors helped maximize flexibility and support the work styles of all functional groups. Other featured products include conference areas equipped with media:scape and Nucraft technology products, and six Walkstations configured in a pattern that says “Let’s take a walking meeting”.

Attention to branding detail is evident in a large, changeable brand wall in the reception area, adjacent to a spacious gathering space that serves as a hub for informal employee and client interaction.

Atmosphere Commercial Interiors is privileged to have collaborated with Outsell over many years of growth, discovery and implementation, further defining the impact of workspace on culture and performance.



Architecture / Interior Design: Gensler Minneapolis

Photographer: Jasper Sanidad

The Global Design Lab of a Fortune 500 manufacturer in St. Paul, MN establishes space as a place for creative energy and strategic brand development. With the goal of inspiring design innovation, this lab pushes the boundaries of an open work environment. A bench system eliminates cubicle walls and barriers between people. Standing-height tables between bench clusters promote the impromptu conversations that can reveal new ideas.

The Lab is a place where product developers, marketers, and designers can come together, and includes project rooms for teams to gather and conceive, deliberate, and plan design executions.

Atmosphere Commercial Interiors provided open design workstations; project/meeting rooms; standing-height tables for impromptu meetings; lounge/collaboration space; and private offices.


Architect: BWBR

Skyline Technologies is a Wisconsin-based IT firm that provides business solutions and services to companies around the world. Their success and growth is based on “credible people delivering credible solutions and incredible results.”

Our De Pere team, with the local Design firm, Performa, co-created work settings quickly and efficiently, inspired by the stated client desire for solutions that were high-tech, yet simple and fun.

The firm’s continued success depends on an atmosphere that will attract and retain the best and brightest in an industry that thrives on contemporary trends and constantly shifting technologies. They described their previous environment as professional but stuffy and wanted something that better conveyed their brand and personality.

They are now proud to invite clients into an office space that is innovative and creative. One that promotes collaboration and shows off their personality in a professional way. They are trendy in every good sense of the word.


Design: Performa

NXP Semiconductors is a global semiconductor manufacturer. The location in Chandler, AZ is one of three wafer fabrication facilities.