This article highlights the financial rewards that telecommuting employees bring to their companies, including lowered commuting costs and a decreased need for real estate. The Telework Coalition (Telcoa), a non-profit Washington, D.C.-based group has seen the hits on its website grow from 25,000 hits a year ago to 300,000 hits in April and more than 450,000 hits in May. Examples are provided of company telecommuting successes, including:

  • A one week savings of 45 million miles of travel from its 5,000 Los Angeles area study participants, and
  • More than 15,000 Sun Microsystem employees (half its workforce) now telecommutes with 60% of their saved commute time given back to the company.

One growing problem noted by this article is the creation of a “new wave of workaholics” among teleworkers checking their emails at 10 o’clock in the evening and “getting sucked into the screen.”

Source: Kate McLaughlin, Daily Breeze (Torrance, Calif.); Jun 4, 2006

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